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  4. I don't know if this is a new feature or not, but look at me all up on your activity feed.


  5. Her seems like a true fan. Nothing but praise and wants the best for our girl ?
  6. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!11 BRAVA!!1
  7. When you found you actually slays
  8. Omg if only she did when u found you or i run away, that would be truly shocking and give the motherfuckers something to talk about
  9. Someday, Everytime, Man On The Moon, When I Found You, I Run Away are in line waiting right now. Make it happen.
  10. Don't you know who you're talking to? She is her, Jenna, the elusive chanteuse.
  11. Me too. This was not lip-synched.
  12. Bitch! Just do a album of 80s and 90s covers!
  13. Yes!!! She hit like 3 key spots and the way she ends love each time!
  14. Seany4Britney

    VIDEO She really gave us "something to talk about"...!

    She was the top story on a entertainment tonight. Even beating out the eclipse and news about Taylor swift. Lol. They actually praised her.
  15. Wow, apparently she still knows how to give people something to talk about, and she sounds great. When I listened closely, the ad-libs after the "love love loveee" remind me of something Adele would do. Seriously.
  16. If she sings anything live it'll be Boys lbr
  17. Now can we PLEASE get her to sing one of her OWN songs live now? Like fuckin Lucky
  18. Oh simmer down lol. No moment has been ruined.
  19. I'm still convinced that You oughta know was live She never lipsynchs this good^
  20. It's amazing how hearing her sing this live now, the way she sings is super reminiscent of how we see in the videos of her singing as a child. She could REALLY benefit from changing the pitch and way she sings on her albums to something that is achievable live.
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