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    It's probably safe to assume the song/album will come sometime during a POM break so she can promote (I think they learned their lesson from last time). I'd put my money on it coming out between 6/14 - 8/16 with the album coming out between 9/11 - 10/20. September is supposed to be STACKED for releases, to the point where Apple is telling people to stay away from September if they can/ Also, hello 8/28 VMA's during a POM break
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    YAAAAAS! QUENCH our thirst
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    Someone quick pull up those vintage "I Believe" signature tags.
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    Weird a tweet hasn't been sent out promoting the charity single
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    She's been teasing us for MONTHS - but it looks like we might have a new scrap of information about her comeback track! The track, previously called 'Make Me Ooh', was due to be revealed before Britney's performance at the Billboard Music Awards after months of speculation. A source has also revealed that the music video for the track is also ready to go - and Britney's in the best shape of her life in the promo. http://www.capitalfm.com/artists/britney-spears/music/make-me-oooh/
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    It was registered with APRA (Australian publishing site), not ASCAP.
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    I'm really starting to believe that 15th date rumor floating around. She better start teasing some announcements soon or something!
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    Make Me has been registered with ASCAP.
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    Dude chill, it's only July 6th... We'll need to start worrying indeed if nothing comes out on the 29th and there's still no word from Britney
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    Everyone please give it up for @E for providing these nuggets of info that keep us going during this drought
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    Oh they can keep it then ?
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    Not related to the album but still exciting
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    HANDS!?!? few hours!?!?!?! get your hands on my new fragrance Private Show Britney Spears™ available at midnight tonight at Kohls!
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    I try to give you guys all the info I can. If people keep spreading shit to different forums & Twitter I won't be able to keep spillin that tea. It will all make sense in a few hours...
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