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We're an army, better yet a navy, better yet crazy, guns in the ayer. A place for fan appreciation and discussion. Feel free to make any topic you choose, but please post news on the main forum.
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  2. Release all 500 songs. Now... hear me out. One each month for the next 41ish years. Cut to me at 67 waiting for track 500 to be released in the store in our brains. Just kidding. None of us will be alive in 41 years. LOL.
  3. Ugh. I like Wait Your Turn but this was not a fair trade !
  4. It was originally intended as the lead single from Rated R but she traded it to Jay for another song, possibly Wait Your Turn. Drake talked about it a bunch cause they were seeing each other around the time.
  5. Diamonds Birthday Cake (ft. Chris Brown) Don't Stop The Music Run This Town S&M (ft. Britney) Breakin Dishes Love On The Brain Fire Bomb Man Down Princess Of China
  6. That's so hard ! I'm going to choose Princess Of China. And I usually don't like Coldplay. Close behind is Run This Town. I didn't know there was a solo version!
  7. Title: TBD Release Date: TBD Concept: Rumors emerged in April 2018 that Ri was working on two new albums, one chart friendly, one moody R&B. Sources confirmed to Rolling Stone in July 2018 that Rihanna was INDEED WORKING ON TWO ALBUMS: one Pop and one Dancehall According to producers working on the project, she has close to 500 songs for the Reggae album Producers/Collaborators: Supa Dups R City Stephen Mccgregor Linton White Kranium Chronixx Diplo Chase & Status Raye Blackbear Skrillex Boi-1da H.E.R. Ricky Blaze Tyshane Thompson Rumored Tracks: Phatty Only One Who Knows
  8. Mine is hands down: I would die for the OG solo version to leak 😞
  9. You just know me so well. I love that she can't wink.
  10. As a Cuban, I feel this. Also, I love (what I'm assuming are) the body guards.
  11. I knew Needed Me would be your number one The only one I'm judging you for is Cry and I love Complicated but it always reminds me of this 😆
  12. Already the best performance of the 2018 VMAs
  13. 14. Cry - There's just something about this song that feels so 2000s to me. 13. Kiss It Better - Underrated. So much attitude. So fucking smooth. 12. Close To You - Heart fucking breaking. Vocals are maybe some of her strongest ever to be honest. 11. Unfaithful - Much like cry, it's so 2000s. That chorus is... a murderer. 10. Complicated - I love the instrumental. I love the lyrics. It's such a happy sad song. 9. Hard - From the first time I heard this track, I called it my angry song. SO MUCH ATTITUDE. I love it. 8. Push Up On Me - Probably the first Rihanna non single I was obsessed with. Should have been a single in my opinion. 7. Where Have You Been - Should have been even bigger. It's a MONSTER of a track. 6. California King Bed - I love mid tempo Rihanna. It's just a beautiful song. 5. Don't Stop The Music - Better than Umbrella... there, I said it. 4. We Found Love - HUGE. Her best ~pop~ song, in my opinion. 3. Fire Bomb - Should have been a single. Should have been huge. That chorus is EPIC. 2. What's My Name? There is something about her delivery, the lyrics, the instrumental. Everything about this song is perfect (I prefer a Drake-less version). OH NA NA! 1. Needed Me FUCKED ME UP. THE MUSIC VIDEO FUCKED ME UP. I RELATE TO THIS SONG ON ANOTHER LEVEL. PRODUCTION IS PERFECTION. RIHANNA AT HER BEST VOCALLY, LYRICALLY, PRODUCTION, ATTITUDE, ETC. If you disagree, cool, but fuck off.
  14. 01. Cold Case Love 02. Diamonds 03. Skin 04. Wait Your Turn 05. Breakin' Dishes 06. Pour It Up 07. Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary 08. No Love Allowed 09. Disturbia 10. G4L
  15. I expect well thought out answers. From all of you! FourFiveSeconds What a fucking tune. I can’t not sing along at the top of my lungs to it. And I get. I’m pretty much always about four or five seconds from loosing my cool. So it’s basically my theme song. Kiss It Better Do I honestly need to explain myself? Arguably her best song and the biggest snub at the 2017 Grammys. Bitch Better Have My Money This song still goes off. Iconic. To this day arguably one of her biggest bangers. Everytime I hear “YA’ll SHOULD KNOW ME WELL ENOUGH” I lose my freaking mind. Wait Your Turn Rated R’s lead single that never was. So different and fresh even today. I wish they had put a huge push behind this and supported it as the lead single. It is the perfect opener to the era and the album. The backbone of the album. The attitude. This was the death of Rihbot. Numb Theres just something about this song that drives me nuttty in a good way. Her delivery, the BEAT, and I’m in the minority who loves Em’s verse. When the beat kicks in it is impossible to keep still. Do Ya Thang I HATE that this was a bonus track. If only TTT had not been released in the height of the EDM craze we may have seen it on the standard and a single 😞 We Found Love I don’t need to explain this one. Happy/sad perfection. Euphoric. Peak of EDM/Pop crossover etc. Disturbia Even though this spent two weeks at number 1, I feel like it tends to be forgotten in her catalogue. It really is the closest thing we have to a modern day Thriller in terms of theme. Love the auto tune. Consideration Two of my faves on one track. SZA brings this other worldly feeling to this song and it’s a perfect opener for Anti. Honorable Mentions: Needed Me Diamonds Fire Bomb Desperado Work Nothing Is Promised Love Without Tradgedy/Mother Mary Half of Me Fool In Love Whats My Name Man Down G4L Cold Case Love Umbrella

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