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  3. This was a joy to read again. Particularly page 25 onward.
  4. I have no idea if anyone will check this, but LSA is down, so I'm posting here. I might post it again over there. I have uploaded some content on my Instagram. There will be more to follow. My handle is @glitterbot_ and my profile will only be public temporarily. - I managed to score two tickets on Saturday at the Honda Center, in section 220, row F, for $160 including the fee. I had no idea our seats were so close to the stage and was SHOOKINGTON when we got there. Later in the night, the girl seated next to us told me her tickets were upgraded from the floor to where we were. idk if our seats were resells or if the venue only made them available at the last minute. - Saw Baylee and Leighanne like 10 feet away from us. Baylee is adorable. His voice is pretty good (not as good as Brian was at his peak, but still good). He needs to work on his stage presence or play an instrument. Leighanne does not look as bad or as scary in person as she does in photos. She was beaming. It's clear she's very proud of her son. - BSB's set started about 30 mins after Baylee's. Their music began in the middle of a song that was playing before, very abruptly, and we all collectively lost our shit. - Every guy came over to our side of the stage. AJ and I want to say Howie came over the least. Y'all know how I love me some AJ. When he announced that his wife was in the audience, I was like 😒. I think he would have been his usual sexy self had she not been there, but he seems a bit restrained. He made a comment pretty recently that he tends to get injured or something goes wrong when he strays from the choreography, so I am trying to be understanding, but I am lowkey salty. Slang your dick in my direction, plz! He jumped off the stage and went into the audience at one point. I got some footage of him dancing on the main stage by himself during the LTL breakdown. I freaked out a little when he came over to us. I was filming but my phone went off to the side instead of staying on him. Oh well. I feel like he was singing to his wife during DWLYN. - I feel we were very noticeable because my hair is bright red & magenta. The lights were shining directly onto us. - Brian and Kevin each spent a significant amount of time on our side. Brian seemed to look over at us with slight recognition and some confusion. Like he was a bit stunned? Not sure what that was about. Maybe it was due to the fact that we were both like 😑 when we saw him. I also turned to look at my friend for her reaction. He came back and did his usual waving and goofing off. I have never met any of the guys, but my friend has done meet and greets with Nick twice. Kevin was his usual self and it seemed like he was checking to see if we knew the song during GAB. He threw his towel to a fan in the pit. #KANG - Nick truly werqed the stage. He has gotten so much better at audience interactions. He smiled a lot, pointed at my friend, lingered for a moment, then briefly pointed and smiled at me/in my general direction before turning around and going back to the main area of the stage. - Howie was a cheesefest as usual. He also gave us a weird look at first, wtf? Love him though. - I screamed like a little girl when AJ did his intro from TTWILI, because I thought GAB was starting. 💀 - Overall, the show was incredible. We're considering either going on their next cruise or going to Vegas for their next residency after the tour is over. - At the very end, they were all grinning ear to ear. It was beautiful and touching to see. I believe they still love to perform and want to stick around for their fans. At least they did in that moment.
  5. Fan-made edit of Spice Up Your Life performance. Full show unedited. Some parts are missing, but all the performances are full.
  6. I used to watch their VHS tapes all of the time.
  7. I had this on VHS and watched it every week for a while. Loved their costumes and hairstyles.
  8. Denying is one of my all time faves along with Something Kinda Funny and Last Time Lover. I love their r&b tinged songs. Spice and Spiceworld are two of the best pop albums of all time.
  9. Denying isn't a favourite of mine, but on an album that barely goes below an 8 for me, it's still AMAZING. Both of their albums as a five piece are perfect and I wouldn't change them.
  10. Unfortunately they didn't perform this bop... everything you say DENYING everything you do so be a fool to yourself forevermore TRYING any kind of move TELL ME so what's it gonna prove? you ain't fooling nobody you ain't fooling nobody BUT YOURSELF
  11. This is quintessential Spice Girls. Everything about this concert is perfection. Their peak, they will never top this, etc imo. And what I like about it is it's so simple, no real gimmicks, just them and their charisma. This is why no other girl band will ever
  12. Let’s talk about this epic 1997 performance the looks, attitude...etc,etc,etc
  13. On a happier note, Mel B seems to confirm/imply Australia and possibly Asia then the US
  14. They had 13 camera angles set up at the show Saturday night. 👀 Probably all for the big screens, but fingers crossed they might use it for a DVD/Blu-Ray release!
  15. That's probably exactly what it is. She pretty much admitted it when she said this quote: "And I'm sure when I'm there and they are on stage, there will be a part of me that feels a bit left out. Because even after all this, a part of me will always be a Spice Girl." I can understand her logic, but it makes her look bad for not attending after she said multiple times that she was going to (and with her kids) and she ultimately let down the other girls again.
  16. That video made me sad. Mel B seems genuinely upset about it 😞
  17. Maybe so, but she can't be upset they went on tour without her when she herself didn't want to either. Victoria has been the holdout for the longest time and that has stopped the rest from continuing to do things because they want her to be involved, but at some point they also had to move on. I know Victoria is proud of her past and she isn't comfortable performing anymore and has a new life and career and yada yada, but sometimes I don't think she realizes how much the Spice Girls means to the public and to the fans by the way she comes across in some of the quotes she's made in the past. She'll say things like, "yeah the Spice girls, that was great, but this is what I do now" it comes across as dismissive and arrogant. Obviously, she can't just drop everything she's doing every time they call and at the end of the day, she has to do what's best for herself so...🤷‍♂️
  18. Are they supposed to drop everything and lose out on their bags because of her? That would be so stupid, and I don’t think VB felt that way. I feel like, if anything, deep down inside, she knew there was the possibility that she'd get major FOMO and start doubting her decision not to reunite with them, so she thought she'd spare herself. Can't knock her for that either, as much as it would've been nice to see pictures of her with them backstage.
  19. I guess Victoria is hurt that they went on with the tour without her? She probably wanted them to drop the idea after she refused it and so she felt like she’s no longer needed so she moved on
  20. The way she spoke and how serious she was about it you can tell they were really hurt by it
  21. Mel B talks about being disappointed that Victoria didn't show up for the shows.
  22. Acceptable if she just didn’t want to. Geris shade tho 😂♥️
  23. Yeah they’re better off without her tbh and she’s better off without them too. I’ve watched their tour videos on YT and she didn’t even come to mind. 😂 . It’s like wanting that Friends reunion to happen so badly...it’s just not going to happen.
  24. She was at a wedding of a Spanish footballer, she didn’t even knew the bride. I’m 100% positive if that Spice Girls show wasn’t happening she wouldn’t have attended. Plus she had 12 other dates she could have attended, she just didn’t want to. Her loss tbh.
  25. She seemed pretty resolute in her decision not to reunite, enough so that she would be fine attending a show IMO. It would've been cute to get a backstage shot of all 5 just for old times sake. But I also understand why she couldn't have made a show for such a limited tour.
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