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  4. Close this thread now please, we've heard from the queen now and this is just ick.
  5. I can hear "Britney", "pretty", and "bunny." All are disturbing for their own respective reasons.
  6. If I remember correctly, there's a longer version of that video that shows they were just messing around I think she's saying "tired of being a bunny", referring to the filter (altho that's more like a mouse lol)
  7. Lol is she legit saying im tired of being britney
  8. Eww why the fuck was she still talking to Adnan and Sam at the end of 2009?? Fucking leeches this just tells me how impressionable Britney is/was and how manipulative they were. This conservatorship was a necessary evil in order to keep Britney on track and to prevent leeches like them to get back into her life. I'm not sure why people are so surprised about the stuff in these documents, this is stuff we've always known. Of course Britney doesn't like being under these restraints and it sucks, but to me it seems necessary so that 2007 doesn't happen again. Ultimately, Jamie is trying to protect his daughter.
  9. Didn’t she post a weird video with Sam where she looked kinda out of it and it was taken down minutes later? I am sure her social media it’s super controlled as well.
  10. I'm VERY interested in knowing the answer to this, too. In 2011, she said via US Weekly that she doesn't own a cellphone, which was a bizarre thing to say given we had SEEN her photographed between 2008 and 2011 (and since) holding phones. Hell, we see throughout FTR texting with someone. I can only rationalize this by assuming her cell phone access is so limited that she feels/felt like she may as well not own one at all. Maybe she can only call or message pre-approved numbers? I have no idea. Pure speculation, but clearly her access was (and probably still is) heavily restricted.
  11. We knew about her talking to Adnan and Sam though. There was a whole trial post- Circus tour, I think it was a restraining order one, where the direct texts came out.
  12. Looking to see if her dancers are tops or bottoms
  13. *Toy Soldier plays in the background*
  14. I would but I’m currently planning the military coup against the Spears family! Sorry maybe next time?
  15. Yeah that makes sense. I noticed she had the iPhone in her hand in the papprazzi photos that were released yesterday
  16. I did some skimming in the document Chad posted ^^ and... “Pharmaceutical labeling is inherently circumstantial in nature; for the medication to realize its full effect, the circumstances of her existence must be taken into consideration by the court” 🤯🤯 what a badass statement lol what are the circumstances of MY existence 😭😭
  17. It can be monitored I guess and she can have some freedom. She didn't always post on Instagram
  18. If she is denied to make phone calls and recieve.....why does she have an iPhone?
  19. She had no rights. Wow. I can't believe that document
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