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  3. yeah no we’re not doing this lol feel free to browse tho.
  4. Bumping this is soo extra… although I do hate that some members had their posts deleted. It’s very sus.
  5. Fingers firmly uncrossed for him x
  6. Regardless of what your intentions were, it does come across as petty given how uninformed and misguided a lot of us were at that time. You also have a history of coming at things with a petty, sometimes aggressive, energy (ie, your gross nickname for Jamie Lynn) and ignoring us when we ask you to stop. So you can't be too shocked that most of us see this as an act of pettiness or aggression 🤷‍♂️
  7. Yh, yet people still go after MuuMuse and T Kylie for example
  8. The last thing I did was going to the femme fatale tour, and seeing her there I realised she did not do that tour willingly. A lot of people turned a blind eye to everything
  9. is that tweet supposed to be snarky?
  10. A lot of these are worth revisiting tbh. Not just for fan responses but for the purpose of investigating what really went down back then. I mean why was NappyTabs still promoting this show mere days/hours before it got cancelled?
  11. Omg the pettiness of bumping this thread… I just can’t.. this is exactly what I was talking about the other day.. the humble bragging of some of you and self righteousness of “we were right you were wrong… “ about free Britney etc. smh
  12. OMG the attacks here Why are some of you SO sensitive even? I didn’t even bash anyone for having a different view then. It’s just fascinating how the tables have turned and where we are now.
  13. ALL negative feelings should only be directed at the conservatorship and no one else. Don't blame fans for falling for the lies that they've told us for 13 years. No one is innocent here. We've all supported the Britney machine over the last 13 years by buying Vinyls, Tours, Merch, etc at Britneys expense. Stop trying to stir the pot.
  14. Why are you bumping this to cause drama? We didn’t know exactly what was happening at that time. Take a day off from trolling and go donate some of your spare time at a homeless shelter.
  15. It’s truly disgusting how they used britneys voice to lie so much
  16. This replay did not age so well 😂 Wow it's so sad re-reading this thread. Everyone was so blind at that point. I give creadits to the Britney's gram girls and the person that left them the voice mail.
  17. No I mean it’s shocking how everything has turned out
  18. You mean we showed compassion and behaved like civilized humans? Crazy!
  19. lol… the comments on the first page “Oh she did the right thing, family comes first”
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