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  3. I'm closing this and moving it to Classic Moments.
  4. There's no double standard. Britney and Ariana should not be compared in any way.
  5. Well, the winners are determined in advance.
  6. Your brain really is wired a different way...it’s called a double standard, not bringing Britney down.
  7. I can't believe she still won after reading the Grammy's to filth 😂
  8. Seriously, the fact that I am in fact one of her biggest fans, and THIS WON OVER REPUTATION, is just ... I can’t. But according to the academy, Taylor has been “honored enough”.
  9. And Britney only has one Grammy. The world is full of injustices. This is just another one. A shame.
  10. Y’all better leave the Grammy award winning album SWEETENER alone. That album is amazing.
  11. I seriously don’t understand how you are not getting this out of PAGES OF discussions. You are calling her bratty of it half stories you listen to, and not based on any kind of truth. She has been through hell and back and come out on top. You are talking shit about her as a person, not as an artist, which is contradicting every argument you make. If you were only trying to express your option, you would have stop replying to this PAGES AGO. Please stop trying to pretend you are the victim of some forum attack lol. Please cc: all of your Ari replies.
  12. I don't understand hows this her first Grammy , but congrats ! She shd have been there to receive the award
  13. I'm fine with everyone expressing their opinions as long and no one is being attacked.
  14. Omg. If you don’t like her, GTFO. Simple. Ew.
  15. I didn’t realize it wasn’t allowed to dislike Ariana on this forum. Y’all need to stop. She’s not that great.
  16. Y’all literally need to get your heads out of your asses and realize that people ARE allowed to not like the other pop girls out there.. or anyone for that matter. Just because Ariana is a brat doesn’t have anything to do with Britney. if Miley or Demi were on top, I’d be perfectly fine because they seem like actually great people. Ariana is insufferable. But y’all are always trying to bring Britney down or compare her to someone every single time.
  17. Ariana is the current queen of pop right now, she’s going to be hated, but she’s getting so much love that it doesn’t matter.
  18. can’t wait to see how this thread ages 🍵
  19. my bad for looking at the bigger picture.
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