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    FYI - according to california law, a conservator cannot place a conservatee in a mental facility and/or rehab if they aren't willing - it would have to be approved by court. britney has rights. she isn't there against her will... stop listening to this god forsaken creepy ass intrusive podcast ran by OBSESSIVE and SCARY fans. it's messing with your brain and some of y'all are already weird as fuck as is.
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    For god's sake he was taking a fucking picture with her which she AGREED to.
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    My point of view and some personal history: When I was 15, I attempted suicide and was immediately placed, against my will, in a local psychiatric hospital after the initial detox phase in a regular hospital. I'm not entirely sure how long I was there, maybe 2 or 3 weeks? The things I witnessed were traumatic. 6 months later, I was then sent away to a treatment facility in the Bay Area (again, against my will), where I remained for a year and a half. I was given an ultimatum: Go to this program or go to a lockdown facility in Utah. My mother signed my life away. She had sole legal custody, so my dad couldn't do anything. Was I under a conservatorship? I'm not sure. I wanted to run away but I stayed put. Some girls ran away. Some came back. Others opted to go to juvi instead. They let me out when I graduated high school, at age 17. My parents drove me up there, but some are essentially kidnapped from their homes (usually while they're asleep) without prior knowledge that they are being committed (this happened to some of my friends), which you can read more about here: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/jm5ng4/the-legal-industry-for-kidnapping-teens?fbclid=IwAR0l60kTLKvQcl24MXJNUaZBHuQuqwF-cKS_x0KY5-cgRSPSE47T_jNeh-A THIS IS STILL A LEGAL PRACTICE. It happens to minors every day but less often to adults. I would love to assume that it is different for Britney because she is an adult, but the reality is she is seen as a child in the eyes of a law. We don't know exactly what is going on with her, but her story is not all that different from mine. All of this is extremely triggering to me but I've kept my shit together, at least on the forum. They had us on a phase system, which they changed about halfway during my stay there, along with a bunch of rules which made my "work" feel pointless. Everyone moves through programs differently. I didn't get my first phase for 9 months, during which a lot of upsetting things happened that I won't go into right now. I was not allowed to go on a home visit at all until I got my phase. We could have one residential visit from family once a month, unless we had our privileges revoked. The first residential visit for everyone only lasted 15 minutes. After that, we could have 30 minute visits. Those of us that had family that still somewhat cared about us could then have home visits, which could be extended after phasing up. Phase IV meant we could have unsupervised time. That was like, the pinnacle of everything for us. So, like I said earlier, it is not a surprise that Britney was able to leave the program to get her hair done. Every program has slightly different rules (but not drastically different) and Britney is already experienced with that kind of system. People that have been in treatment centers before are more likely to "graduate" quickly. (One girl graduated the program in 9 months, which was unheard of, but they put her on some kind of fast track.) Maybe she's allowed to use her phone, maybe not. The fact that she used one doesn't mean she's allowed to. So, when y'all say that it's unrealistic or unbelievable, believe it because this is life for some of us.
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    “I’m happy and everything is fine”
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    Hey guys, it’s me ✌ Just wanted to quickly mention that Slumber Party is one of Britney’s best songs ever. Carry on (if you must).
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    False. We have not been able to corroborate any of the details and would never publish mindless speculation about someone’s mental health.
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    I just got to the hotel. It’s the best fucking concert I’ve ever been to. I might biased because I love them so much but it was just fucking great
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    Honestly i've been staying out of this entire thing because so far everything is just speculation but the fact that this is now blowing up and her team isn't saying anything, and that the two girls who started this rumor haven't been contacted or sued is kind of suspicious... If this was all fake wouldn't her team sue them for libel? obviously i'm not a lawyer and we have no idea what's really going on but things just aren't adding up. If this was all fake it would be so easy to address and show that everything is fine. At the end of the day I think the two things we can ALL agree on are that there's more to this story than Britney's team wants us to know and that we all just want what's best for Britney.
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    This thread is like Yvie vs Silky vs Vanjie and I’m team no one cause yall’s a mess.
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    This. I’m tired of the holier than thou sheep in this thread keep grouping everyone in with the fans taking things way too far.
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    Overall I think we don’t have nearly enough information for me to make an educated and logical opinion on the matter. I do think Britney has “relapsed” to a bad mental state and that breaks my heart. I also believe she has a family that cares deeply for her. I think it’s not one or the other extreme, it’s the area in between. Britney wanted Domination, Vegas was a happy place for her personally and professionally. Something happened that changed her mental state very quickly, her team tried the best they could to “cover it up” to protect her own privacy and the brand...fair. For just as many “sad” videos and pictures there are of her over the last decade there are happy videos and pictures. Overall I don’t think we have nearly enough factual information to warrant this kind of response. There are so many well educated people here and some of the responses I’ve seen, this mob mentality where they only hear what they want to hear and aren’t evaluating all credible information, is surprising.
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    This has gone too far. A couple of fucking obsessive (and extremely creepy) 20 year old girls with literally no legal experience, no insight, NOTHING, bought court documents and made serious allegations based on what they THINK the documents mean or what they THINK Britney filing a document (THAT THEY DIDN'T EVEN READ???????!!!!!) and Britney fans are now taking as facts and are so fucking bored with the state of Britney's career that have now propelled these conspiracy theories into the mainstream further deteriorating Britney's brand and public relations and driving the "Britney is crazy" idea to new levels in 20fucking19. Literally nobody fucking knows what is happening but for people to claim she's being held against her will at a mental facility is crossing the fucking line and is doing more damage than it is good. If Britney Spears was capable to be WITHOUT a fucking conservatorship the court, the judges and her fucking FAMILY would have ended this. I don't know when or how Britney's family became a villain to you guys once again but since a lot of you have the tendency to put blame on everyone around Britney to justify how mediocre things have gotten, I'm not surprised it's gotten this far. Some people on twitter (and here) seem to be under the impression that if Britney leaves this conservatorship she's suddenly going to start giving her career her all and will be 100% happy, engaged, "normal" and things will go back to the way they were LITERALLY 15 years ago...that's the sole fucking reason for this mentality and way of thinking. Stop posting For The Record clips to back up this claim that she hates her life and is so restricted and so sad. Use the same fucking energy you're using to find decade old clips and mysterious*~ voice mails on YouTube allegedly obtained by shady and disgraceful paparazzi websites that ultimately led Britney to her fall to find pictures of her ACTUALLY driving her car, ACTUALLY having a cell phone (HELLO CRINGE WORTHY INSTAGRAM AND SNAPCHAT POSTS THAT EVERYBODY HERE LOVES?????), ACTUALLY being happy with her family and children. It's a toxic narrative people love to push because the other alternative option to why things are the way they are points fingers to Britney herself either a) being fucking content with things, b) being in an actual good fucking place with her family and kids. Her mental state has nothing to do with it and her checking into a mental facility to treat troubles and struggles she might be having is commendable, not a reason to bombard her family with messages of hate when we have ABSOLUTELY ZERO fucking information on what's going on. The fact that things have gotten this far and this ALL stems from a fucking (SPONSORED!!) podcast ran by scary "fans" (who are now making merch for this) is disgusting. Go get fucking laid tonight and full on stop. Your intentions may be good based on what you BELIEVE is true, but you don't know what is true and all of these reports are truly fucking up with Britney's image even more, ESPECIALLY when reports and media coverage like this is what fucking drove Britney to the extreme in 2007 and unless Britney herself were to come back*~ with a more honest approach (she won't) and be open with the media (she won't) and completely change her image (she won't), this narrative is just hurting her. STOP BEING FUCKING CREEPY. Like, ENOUGH.
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    My god. I swear some of y’all are on Jamie’s payroll.
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    the Spice girls are everything to me, even before momney came into the picture i was always listening to their songs, i spent a lot of time translating the lyrics to know what they were singing, to find the words “aint” or “gotta” on the dictionary, they taught me english, to accept and love myself and see life in a positive way, I’m so happy to see them happy with their families and spreading their message that goes beyond the “girl power” they will always have a special place in my heart
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    Because he’s a verified moron 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Sam is a psychopath who preys on vulnerable people. All he does is manipulate so I would not believe anything that comes from him.
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    Don’t speak on behalf of anybody, especially if you’re going to say something as stupid as this. Britney Spears is probably going through another yet defining moment in her life and her family’s lives. We’re talking a fragile 37 years old woman who has been controlled her entire life by business men and that also comes from a troubled household and the few moments she’s been rebellious and free she’s gotten herself into the worst moments of her life. This fan base has caused a lot of damage already to Britney and her team, and as incompetent and manipulative they can “allegedly” be, that are the ones that have made sure Britney and her children have made it this far. We know absolutely nothing besides what the media and some fan theories have fed us regarding this narrative but bottom line is, we are as lost as we where back in 2007. We didn’t know what was happening with her back then and we surely don’t know what’s happening with her right now. This fan base has made every effort possible to find someone to blame for Britney’s behaviour or the lack of for that matter but only a few have actually stopped and asked the right questions. We love Britney, we are rooting for her, but we cannot and we shouldn’t keep doing this. Britney Spears is a mentally unstable person and all we can do is hope she is getting the help she needs. We’re just not talking about the pop icon, we’re talking about the woman, the mother and the struggles and issues that comes along with them and she deserves privacy and respect, from all sides
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    lol??? freedom of the press....? britneys team can’t keep the press from reporting. i swear britney fans will believe ANYTHING
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    I admire you courage to tell your story. I’m glad that you’re hear with us ❤️
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    At this point, Britney fans who are turning a blind eye to this situation are selfish and, in my opinion, as immoral as Larry and everyone involved in this charade. Where there is smoke, there's fire. There are too many people, stories, sources that point towards this being true — as well as common fucking sense. I sobbed on the subway listening to this. My heart is so broken for Britney and I hope she somehow finds the strength to push through these terrible circumstances.
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    Hopefully that means he’s retiring and will go into isolation for the remainder of his life.
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    Y’all need to take several steps back. No one in here is harassing friends and family members online. We’re just worried that things might not be as they seem and that their family/management might not have the best interests for her. We aren’t protesting or anything.

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