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    It’s not like her performances are decade-defining cultural moments and the Grammys are kind of out of touch with reality so they both saved some time.
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    Britney never acted like Ariana, Christina did, but not Britney.
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    Can you get out of Ariana’s asshole for one second sis?! Lord the stanning is unreal with you
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    Not true. Please go back to 2003/2004...there were times she was “bratty.” You’re blinded by your opinion. Plus, what Ariana doing is not bratty...again that word is terrible. She’s finding her voice...guess that’s bratty to you. No man would be described as bratty in this situation.
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    That's how you stand on your ground, calling out the bullshit in a classy and powerful way. That's the number 1 female artist right now and I have to stan
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    I’m sorry, I’m going to say something that probably isn’t going to be well received....Ariana is what early/mid 20’s....in the vacuum of superstardom, everywhere, with a shit ton of personal issues, she is trying to navigate. Her actions may be a bit, questionable, but she’s figuring out life on a huge stage. Sound familiar? Britney did some very questionable things post-Justin, pre-children. She rebelled, found her voice, questioned authority, etc. She even said/did some things that were “bratty.” (I hate that fucking word, btw.) Some of ya’ll need to give this girl some credit and stop being so damn hypocritical.
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    I'm honestly here for our current crop of pop stars not sucking the Grammys, Super Bowl, or anyone's dick anymore. Ariana especially has been through enough shit to not need to take it from anyone and the reason her fans feel so close to her is that she's open with her fanbase about things like this. Thanks to the day-and-age, they have their own platforms. Yes, it's still the greatest honor in music but The Grammys pulled like 19 million viewers last year. Ariana has 144 million followers on her Instagram. Who needs who?
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    I appreciate Ariana's voice and some of her music, and I think it's great that she spoke up, but let's be honest – she isn't the best performer. Her most memorable performance was at last year's VMAs, and I loved it, but was anyone looking at Ariana? Probably not. If performing on the Grammy stage is that important to her, perhaps she should have selected a more appropriate song, like Imagine, instead. 7 Rings is trash and won't do her any favors in the long run. That's not a song worth fighting for. It goes without saying that it was unprofessional for the director to lie and just as bad that they're still using Ariana in advertisements.
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    Y’all this is not an Ariana Grande forum. This girl is pretentious as shit. It’s the GRAMMYS. Yes do they suck most of the time? Sure. But you’re not better than them. She’s been insufferable for a while now. You are not the he greatest thing on planet earth.
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    I believe this is the last year with Ken Erlich as the producer of the GRAMMYs which is coming at a good time because he's made A LOT of enemies: Bieber, Drake, Kanye, Jay-Z & Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Taylor, Ariana, Kendrick, Childish, Frank Ocean, etc. I heard James Corden & his production team will take over next year. About time for Neil Portnow ("Women need to step it up") to step down as well.
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    Ariana's not really a legacy act to demand to perform any song she wants. Her performance wouldn't be great either way even if she had 5 months to prepare. Don't come @ me though.
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    I wish 2004ney and Ariana could have met. They would have been the baddest, no fs given girls in the game.
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    Y’all always wanting to draw the Britney parallel... somebody come fetch me a Brigitte Nielsen gif
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    Britney was never “bratty”, she was always humble and down to earth. Ariana’s shown to be the complete opposite of that. Comparing them is ridiculous
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    She won AOTY right when she went full pop star...
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    I just hate her personality. Creativity? Girl you have no creativity.
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    P!nk's Glitter in the Air at the Grammy's was fucking iconic. Don't even.
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    Im not here for Ariana tbh but she kept her mouth shut about it until one of the grammy producer told the press she wasnt going to perform because she didnt have the time to put out a performance and i guess she felt her work ethic was questioned and needed to defend herself
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    She the biggest thing in music right now with multiple number 1 songs and an album that’s going to obliterate streaming records. She’s fine.
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    I literally can’t think of the last decade defining cultural Grammy performance. 😂
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    What’s sad is that this is prob true, only furthering her statement of it all being a political game. Like imagine ten years ago skipping the Grammys and passing a performance (some even an opener) when you are nominated. It’s an old school show that needs to let (or force) the old white men out and connect with the present. I mean drake, Taylor and Ariana not even going is huge. When the artists stop caring, the honor is gone. Such a shame. Literally I think BBMA and AMAs are the current day Grammys. Of course the Grammys have a historic honor, but think of all the bill cobys and woody Allen’s and what not of the world that once did as well. You can’t expect your legacy to live forever when you exploit it. Her mom said it best, they claim to never have it confirmed, yet they have billboards and buses telling another story. INSANE. After the aoty snubs, I’m glad my faves Ari and tay are boycotting.
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