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  1. she sounds like this little bitch right here
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  2. DOWNLOAD LINK Britney Spears - Happy Birthday (2017).mp3
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  3. Singapore will now be internationally known as SANGapore. Please respect the new culture.
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  4. This little bitch was in her the whole time... (Oh and this is literally Jayden in drag.)
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  6. I'm going to say this once, and hopefully somehow the universe takes this in and makes it known IF THE MOTHERFUCKING CAMERA MEN/WOMEN TRY TO CUT AWAY TO WATCH SOME WEAK ASS BITCHES IN THE AUDIENCE ATTEMPTING TO DANCE WITH THEIR NO RHYTHM HAVIN ASSES WHILE BRITNEY IS IN THE MIDST OF A EFFORTLESS, SLAY WORTHY , SOUL SUCKING BREAKDOWN I SWEAR WE GON HAVE PROBLEMS AND I WILL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER LIVE THAT DOWN. don't fuck with the angles tonight, keep that camera on her correctly. We are watching a legend.
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  7. i actually started to cry when i listened to this in the morning. i think it was just the combination of the lyrics, the slowed down tempo, the melody and her glorious vocals that really touched me, but when the "baby 'cause, you're the spark..." line arrived, i lost it. that has to be one of the greatest lines she's ever sung. i feel like this is up there as one of the most heartfelt and passionate songs in her entire career. it can already rank up with And Then We Kiss and Where Are You Now. there's such a beautiful delicacy about it all, that you just can't help but melt. her v
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  9. This might be the beginning of something big y'all. The confidence is back. Bitch is woke and giving no fucks. Britney got her groove back y'all. She's coming for blood again, I can feel it.
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  10. Not Britney looking and sounding like her 16 year old self on the same night!
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  11. that e5 note, grammys are being shipped to singapore
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  12. Going into the thread like this... Then finding out quickly how completely and totally unprepared for what I would discover... Then leaving like this:
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