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  1. I was originally thinking about getting tickets to her show here next month, but nah, I'm good,
  2. pissed that she cut Bloodline, Fake Smile, Everytime, and One Last Time. but this whole show has been a hot mess. There's no stage presence, the crowd is dead, the lighting is so bad you can't see anything 75% of the time, the whole Nicki thing (and then her not coming back out for The Light is Coming lol), and last but not least the annoying AF deinterlace lines distorting the footage and the on screen VHS effects during the NSYNC performance.
  3. It's not even a good tattoo either. Her face is all sorts of fucked up.
  4. When I first scrolled past the post on Facebook, all I saw was "I don’t even know where to start with this, because this is so tough for me to say." accompanied with that photo and my heart suddenly sank because I thought one of her parents had died. I'm so relieved that is not the case and that the outlook for Jamie's recovery is positive. She has absolutely made the right decision as family should always come first. I'm sure she was very excited and looking forward to the show launching in a few weeks given that she's been rehearsing recently. Even though this was probably a very very recent decision, it may not even mean things are bad or getting worse for him but rather it's probably constantly on her mind and she didn't want to let that drag her down and have that affect the show. Hopefully, she and her family take all the time they need to focus on Jamie's recovery and later this year or next she can relaunch the show (hopefully with some new tunes to go along with it) and show Vegas who's boss. ❤️ As for NappyTabs' comments, well... trash is trash.
  5. Sooooo do we think it was just a one time deal, or do we think she'll keep performing it for a while?
  6. HO LY SHIT ?????? THAT WAS AMAZING. ???? while I don’t think Britney is suddenly going to actually start singing live all the time, perhaps this means that for the next tour/residency/promo/whatever they will actually put in the full effort to do pre-recorded vocals to at least make it look like she is. There’s no reason she’s not at least singing Everytime each night though. We know she can.
  7. lol Cathy is on like 75% of Toxic. How are we using that as a positive example?
  8. I think only those 2 shouty ad-libs are her and the rest are Britney.
  9. just because it was 320kbps doesn't mean it was truly the highest quality. Also m4a is more efficient at encoding than mp3 is. So while a 256kbps AAC may sound virtually identical to a 320kbps for most people, it's technically still better quality. Plus the "Mastered for iTunes" files are mastered specifically so that lossy files sound better than just simply being ripped from a disc.
  10. Did you intentionally put all the mid-tempos on the first half of the album and all the up-tempos (except Just Like Me and Coupure Electrique) on the last half?
  11. This is amazing!!! Had it on repeat the entire way to work this morning. Those other ad-libs wouldn't be as distracting if they weren't so loud.
  12. One of the first things I thought was that this was the album she would have made immediately following ITZ.
  13. I don't think he's saying "Steve"
  14. I listened to all 4 released tracks with the album on my first listen to get a feel for the flow of the album but I have skipped all 4 on my subsequent listens.
  15. or maybe Liar. I DON'T KNOW
  16. it might be Love Me Down though.
  18. um tell your friends to go home. 911 THIS IS A POP EMERGENCY
  19. GLORY SHITS ON ALL OF THEM. (and EMOTION and 1989 are amazing albums. ARTPOP.... idk her)
  20. y'all. i am dead. deceased. done. killdt. this album is flawless from start to finish.
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