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  1. trending worldwide on twitter
  2. it's on apple music australia
  3. i'm so sorry to everyone i PM'd lotus to, i got my links confused it was 8am and i hadn't slept glory had me shook
  4. #glory is trending worldwide
  5. i'm so SHOOK this is easily some of her best work, i kinda went in with low expectations after britney jean but fuck i was blown away. it sounds so fresh and just proves why britney is and always will be one of the best. IF IM DAAAAANCING omg what even is that
  6. THE ORIGINAL LINK ISNT WORKING my heart can't take this ???
  7. PLEASE PM ME IM GOING TO BUY 3 COPIES its 8am i can't sleep
  8. i just got trolled by some jessica simpson stan
  9. #makeme has been trending worldwide for hours queen
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