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  1. Exactly, if you’re trying to prove a point it’s very easy to find little clips and “evidence” that appear to support your point.
  2. A psychiatrist would have to say it is needed is the part that stands out to me. If they wanted to hold her there against her will there would have to be a legit reason for it, a psychiatrist wouldn’t sign off if not. I don’t want to say I believe or don’t because it’s all speculation, unless we have physical proof with images or legal documents or Britney herself saying anything I won’t believe anything. But also to add to the speculation, I did think it was odd that the Make Me original video happened to leak just now. It could seem as if they were trying to distract us with som
  3. Lol that guy freaking out is all of us tonight
  4. Hey, whatever happened to the DJ Mustard song?
  5. She needs to add everything to the Vegas show
  6. Ok but why wasn't If I'm Dancing the first single ?
  7. that gif is a perfect descriptor of the album for me
  8. that spanish though in change your mind, i think the early sale was planned
  9. how did we go from Brenda Joan to this we are not worthy #blessed
  10. literally the last three guys she dated
  11. This album is so timeless
  12. The title of the album is so fitting.
  13. It's so good I'm gonna cry
  14. it's times like these where I wish I'd made more of an effort to have conversations with people
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