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  1. Didn’t she post a weird video with Sam where she looked kinda out of it and it was taken down minutes later? I am sure her social media it’s super controlled as well.
  2. WTF!!! She is basically only allowed to breathe on her own. OMG I don't want to continue reading this crap. This is breaking my heart into a million pieces.
  3. This is very true. I have something going on at work right now and my lawyer advised to keep all communication thru email.
  4. Wtf? If this is true that woman is batshit crazy. The only reason why I would believe some of the britney emails it’s because of the sarcasm in them. She was pretty sarcastic back then. This stalker also reminds me of Selena’s stalker and how she became part of her life was so obsessed with her and ended up killing her. I really hope if there’s any truth to this, that woman burns in hell!
  5. At this point I would be completely fine if she decides to retire and just start over and live a normal life. I just want her to be herself, to be happy and to be able to live just like any normal person would in this world. It breaks my heart to see how controlled and weird her life really is. She needs to go back to Louisiana and find a happy place. I’m sure at this point that would also be hard for her, due to the fact that stardom it’s all she’s ever known. 😢
  6. I think she also did something to her teeth.
  7. If this is not true why have we not heard from her team yet? Why are these girls still allowed to talk about it and even give an interview to access Hollywood? You would think that all of this was a nonsense shit would’ve gotten ugly for those two girls, but it hasn’t. That right there makes the whole thing suspicious AF!
  8. Oh wow at that show! She even had a t shirt 😂
  9. Lynne has been liking most of the comments posted on her IG regarding the #freebritney movement. If that’s not strange then idk what to think anymore.
  10. I had no idea Adam was no longer working for Britney co.
  11. The thing is that statement would probably not come from her, but they will make it seem and it is. Britney is not allowed to say what’s on her mind. She has not been allowed for a very long time.
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