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  1. My dad texted me, “So sorry to hear about Britney” yesterday and my heart dropped. Thought there was gonna be awful news. Then I realized he was talking about all of this stuff. It’s crazy how much it’s spreading.
  2. The source also said the concsetvatorship was supposed to end after the Circus tour, but LiveNation wouldn’t insure the Femme Fatale tour if the consevatorship didn’t continue and that this may have been responsible for her strange behavior during the FF era.
  3. Their website is down. Here’s another link I’m listening at. http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/7/9/3/793f9874559220f6/74_FREEBRITNEY.mp3?c_id=39987452&cs_id=39987452&destination_id=593520&expiration=1555418671&hwt=e963b5c38e0dbc2570ce4d4d6817ee2e
  4. She kept saying it was "illegal" like she wasn't allowed to be singing live. Queen of breaking the law.
  5. !!! Loved when she did that. I hoped Brit would doing something like Bey did and we got it! ❤️
  6. Anybody notice how mustard doesn't say "hoe" when he says "Mustard on that beat"? I could picture Brit being like "I don't like that word" ?
  7. Can I get a PM too please?
  8. she is singing in FRENCH! #COUPREELECTRIQUE
  9. Somebody please PM me!
  10. ANOTHER IMPORTANT MOMENT HAS BEEN IMPRINTED ON MY LIFE. Britney you have brought me to tears. I have literally no words to describe the way I feel so I cry. I remember the first time I heard one of your songs (17 years ago) and the way it made me feel and today, I still feel that similar rush of emotion. I love you. You constantly bring joy to my life. I may be a very small part of your life, but you make up a very large part of mine and I never take moments like tonight for granted. i love you!
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