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  1. I was just thinking about how I can't wait to learn all of the lyrics so I can take a road trip with Glory on repeat and sing a long
  2. oh my god, I finished. I'm at that point where you're in love with all of the songs and can't quite distinguish them yet. This is just so much more than what I expected and I don't even know what to do with myself
  3. Just getting to the bonus tracks and I don't want the first listen to end
  4. It's just so smooth, chill, and exhilarating "You're the spark that won't go out"
  5. Insane opening by Britney, Celine in between, and that closing Prince tribute from Madonna and Stevie. Simply amazing
  6. Celine her performance was amazing and her speech was beautiful
  7. I'm thinking they'll bring her out later in the show to present the award to her and they just let her pose with it before to take pictures. That way if there is a presentation, she can just peace out Though I'd love for her to stay so we can get reaction shots from her.
  8. An hour ago Britney gave us so much life on that stage. I'm still shaking
  9. Wait, it's supposed to be streaming live on the West coast right? My tv guide says some local show is up next. Ugh hopefully it's just labeled wrong
  10. Nearly 15 minutes Gonna go pop some popcorn so I have something to stress eat
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