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  1. Nothing but love for her and the family ❤️
  2. ngl I'm tempted to go to the London date. And I'm from Singapore. (and I'd probably be going alone too) 😂
  3. It might be just the delusional stan in me talking, but I think it sounds great. Kinda gives a unique Britney twist on it, that only she can pull off.
  4. Sam's secretly a stan, and have been encouraging her to do the things we've always wanted her to do
  5. I know I've done this joke over and over and it's tired but IDC! JOANNE IS SHOOOOOOK.
  6. A couple of people I knew who went to the concert all replied with " she sang happy birthday live?" when people asked if she lipsynced. I didn't realise how a tad bit ridiculous it was until I heard it for myself ???
  7. You could basically hear my reaction in this video. I went "fuck fuck!" And told my friend how lucky he was to be in that room at that moment ?
  8. omg this is so good. more like a name for a lube.
  9. No, boo. In my country.
  10. Literally just got the notification that my itunes preorder is downloaded
  11. this french singing bitch is comin' for them grammys. I'm REKT. I'm DED.
  12. um LI-muthafucken-AR?????
  13. omg What You Need. This belongs in a big summer blockbuster movie soundtrack.
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