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  1. I wonder if they kept the seriousness of things from Britney and she lost it when they told her
  2. I should've been doing homework, but AESTHETIC Think like Beyonce's Rocket, mixed with the V magazine shoot...
  3. I'd like an un-butchered link of the highest quality, please. I didn't hear anyone complain about another woman's background vocals on Toxic. ☕️
  4. I hear a background singer thst isn't Britney, but I also here Britney's voice in some backing vocals. But every primary vocal sounds like Britney Jean Spears to me and you're wrong if you hear anything else tbh.
  5. Britney era vocals with ITZ confidence and that MUSTARD on theBEAT never fails me. It's like a modern minimalistic take on Timbalands late 90's flow. It's classic. This song is an instant classic.
  6. When ya know somebody When ya know somebodaaaaaay
  7. Woke up singing if I'm dancing
  8. I'm afraid if I go to bed I'll wake up and it'll all have been a dream
  9. I had every intention calling it a night and heading to sleep but here I am starting over again. Oh oh, oh oh, no (uh huh) Put your love all over me...
  10. Seriously how did Coupure Electrique come to exist? What alternate universe are we in?
  11. Reminds me of Brad & Angelina's sexy dance in Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  12. I have waited SO long for that pre chorus and I didn't even know I was waiting
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