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  1. I don’t buy those emails for a second, let’s remember Sam controlled her life, he could’ve easily gone into her email and fabricate those to use against her family.
  2. That's not what people are reacting to.
  3. Because people won’t believe them anyways? Didn’t you see someone here said they were sending out cease and desists and some people were like, well if it’s not true why would they send them out?
  4. In that case, done you all think Lynne would do something about it? Anything?
  5. Wait those two girls started this whole thing? I thought it was Bradley Stern and Kyle whatever?
  6. As opposed to her blooming personal life before Jamie stepped in? It’s not like she was on a deadly path or anything.
  7. This thread is like Yvie vs Silky vs Vanjie and I’m team no one cause yall’s a mess.
  8. Emma’s starting to look like present day Goldie Hawn. Forehead included.
  9. Wait, all of this was for an UK-only 6 date stint?
  10. Don't you know who you're talking to? She is her, Jenna, the elusive chanteuse.
  11. I don't see her busting a move at the same time tho.
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