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  1. Made up a birthday for damage control
  2. The other singer just pops out of nowhere
  3. It's amazing but a bit repetitive and I don't like how the second verse just ends and then the bridge drops out of nowhere. It's not that smooth.
  4. I listened and I died. I literally can't process all this. Don't know where to start.
  5. The person that posted that tracklist said that she's playing a rich girl in Make Me, she's in love with a suburban guy
  6. I am actually glad we don't know anything again
  7. Clumsy and Liar are new titles, confirmed by Britney Galaxy (they confirmed Invitation)
  8. Did he? Looks like he wasn't active for months
  9. No way that's happening. I trust the guys here. We have hints from the dancers, Billboard awards rumor and at the end Robin wouldn't just make something up since he's connected to her team (no matter if he's been off or not). The song title didn't just come from him so something must be up in the works now. If she really waits till the and of the year....

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