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  1. Lmao you just made my day
  2. Is anyone else saving themselves for marriage ? Aka the 26th? I cheated and listened to the beginning of invitation but I don't know how much longer I can hold out !!
  3. I love how this went from us getting stuff sooner than we think to still friggen waiting.
  4. yeah seeing Katherine Hahn LIVING for it made me love her even more. she's such a great actress with amazing roles.
  5. Aaahh be still my heart. She is legit rehearsing what will slay our lives later tonight RIGHT NOW!!
  6. Phew that's my fave she better not be on there ! Thank u
  7. Wtff I had no idea I mean I knew she was around here and there before BJ queen Jean but not to that extent
  8. Gross. I don't want to pull out my booklets right now haha can u tell me what songs?
  9. Myah was on circus ? I didn't know this someone fill me innnn and make me ooohhhh
  10. can someone send this little old man a pm PLEASE?? ugh the one night I don't check the forum lol

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