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  1. Lmao you just made my day
  2. Is anyone else saving themselves for marriage ? Aka the 26th? I cheated and listened to the beginning of invitation but I don't know how much longer I can hold out !!
  3. I love how this went from us getting stuff sooner than we think to still friggen waiting.
  4. Phew that's my fave she better not be on there ! Thank u
  5. Wtff I had no idea I mean I knew she was around here and there before BJ queen Jean but not to that extent
  6. Gross. I don't want to pull out my booklets right now haha can u tell me what songs?
  7. Myah was on circus ? I didn't know this someone fill me innnn and make me ooohhhh
  8. can someone send this little old man a pm PLEASE?? ugh the one night I don't check the forum lol
  9. I would love this album to get going! I feel like I lost a lot of excitement when they pulled any "spring" release words from the V mag website. 1st single please. yesterday. thanks B
  10. march 4th would be AHH Maazzee ING

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