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  1. Sam is a psychopath who preys on vulnerable people. All he does is manipulate so I would not believe anything that comes from him.
  2. They could be fake for sure but if they are they were made to appear as though they were from her. Apparently Jack is her poking fun at the gay demon Lou was convinced possessed her?? ~~ honestly though this is all sounding insane. I don’t want to read too much into anything especially since this all could be fabricated for all we know. I will say though, something is off and I’m sure these past 11 yrs have not been 24/7 sunshine and roses for Britney. I’m really hoping these allegations aren’t true cause if so Lou is insane and it’s wild that they allowed her to
  3. Clearly from what has been made public of about him, he was emotionally abusive so I can see her feeling very dependent on him at that time.
  4. Those emails sound like classic ‘07 Britney to me. Down to the sarcasm.
  5. I find it really odd that Lynne is liking comments made by fans referencing this whole thing. And she’s allegedly also following fans in support of this #freebritney movement. This is all so strange and unsettling.
  6. Oh ok don’t worry about it. Do you remember what episode it was?
  7. Do they have a source on that information?
  8. Umm where is this Lou Taylor donating 50K of Britney’s charity dollars to gay conversion camps thing coming from?
  9. Harvey also holds back on stories. I remember watching a presentation he did at a law school/uni where (if I remember correctly) he mentioned being privy to some really personal information on Britney that “morally” he would not release. Mind you, Harvey is grimy and far from moral or ethical so make of that what you will. But honestly if anything I expected to maybe see a denial by at least one major publication at this point
  10. I’m actually surprised that tmz hasn’t already turned out an exclusive.
  11. I’ve been offline for the last two days. I tried reading this thread to get some sense of what was going on but that didn’t help. Is this all very peculiar? Yes. Am I skeptical? Yes. But some of these responses are a tad insane lol
  12. I'm lowkey salty at this video because she could very well put in some hours every week with a vocal coach and strengthen her singing voice. If Selena Gomez is gassed up enough to feel comfortable singing live, Britney should feel comfortable enough to sing live. I've come to the conclusion that over the years she has been deluded into thinking she can't sing for shit so she doesn't even bother. If they didn't prioritize her "Britney" voice so much, she very well could get back to singing in her more natural register live.
  13. Her voice went from sounding like Mickey Mouse to Toni Braxton bitchhh. She needs to control and use her lower register more.
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