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  1. I feel like I’ve been under a rock... wtf is going on???
  2. I don't think it's even comparable. Taylor would probably still have every record Ari just broke had she put her stuff on streaming immediately. Ariana is the "it" girl, but doesn't have to fan base Taylor has.
  3. You're joking right? Taylor hasn't sold under a million records in her debut week in almost a decade.
  4. Oh my god it’s even worse there. I dare not to post ill about Ari there and risk ruining my karma.
  5. https://badmediakarma.com/search/?&q=ariana grande&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles&sortby=relevancy clearly Sweetner isnt the only thing she's done recently
  6. After months of this forum's constant "Ariana's the new supreme" I'm living for this change of pace
  7. We were talking about one specific event. The Super Bowl rumors vs Ariana and the Grammys. If your going to interject at least know where the conversation is at.
  8. You may be right about about me if the situation was about Rihanna and not Ari, but they are still very different circumstances and one of them is only based on RUMORS.
  9. Britney never acted like Ariana, Christina did, but not Britney.
  10. Rihanna was “rumored” to have turned down an OFFER to play the half time show. Sources said it was in solidarity with Colin. Neither Rihanna nor the NFL made a statement on the matter. See hows that’s different then getting in a public twitter beef after canceling your performance? I have have no idea why Drake is skipping it so I don’t know her.
  11. Wow. Way to take two radically different scenarios and try to compare them, thus making your argument completely irrelevant. And like I insinuated in my original post, this is not the first time she’s shown a less appealing side of her personality.
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