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  1. Are they supposed to drop everything and lose out on their bags because of her? That would be so stupid, and I don’t think VB felt that way. I feel like, if anything, deep down inside, she knew there was the possibility that she'd get major FOMO and start doubting her decision not to reunite with them, so she thought she'd spare herself. Can't knock her for that either, as much as it would've been nice to see pictures of her with them backstage.
  2. She seemed pretty resolute in her decision not to reunite, enough so that she would be fine attending a show IMO. It would've been cute to get a backstage shot of all 5 just for old times sake. But I also understand why she couldn't have made a show for such a limited tour.
  3. They’re really gonna pay the US dust huh? It’s what we deserve.
  4. Ugh it's so painful to know I probably won't see this show.
  5. Yes, but I think people know by now not to expect her on stage. It would be nice to see her support them at one of their shows.
  7. I agree. There’s no way they invested in that huge production for only 13 dates. There’s gotta be an international tour plan they haven’t revealed.
  8. Good thing she’s the fit one because she’s always had to carry the group’s vocals on her back.
  9. She could’ve still had the same effect with the same print/fabrics without omitting the essence of Ginger if it was something like her Olympics costume. Shorter with that scrunched up thing on her butt.
  10. Can’t she just put on the persona on the stage though? Like come on sis.
  11. It seems like Ginger thinks she’s Posh now? Too many gowns. Where’s the camp?!
  12. Ugh JEALLY. Glad you had a good time. ❤️ From what I've seen, VB's absence was not felt. While all 5 would've been great, keep her and her posing/pointing/lip syncing tbh.
  13. Ok?! And those abs! ♥️ Thankfully she didn’t do the bangs this tour lol.
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