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  1. Is that supported by any of these leaking court docs? I wanna read how that went down and if she was stable, why Jamie didn't let her off.
  2. They're at West Hollywood City Hall. How the location has any relevance to this situation...IDK.
  3. The irony of them being there during regular office hours protesting something they're not even 100% sure about.
  4. When did we become the Little Monsters smh
  5. There's a protest planned at 4PM in West Hollywood today? ...
  6. Hella locals have been texting me as well, asking what’s going with Britney. I’ve prepared a canned response for them. 😂
  7. FUCKING THANK YOU! If people are truly concerned and believe the speculation may be founded in truth, why aren't the police, court, authorities being contacted?
  8. I know you know damn well Wendy's gig is to scandalize and sensationalize hot topics lol.
  9. Fake Fan Alert 🚨 but where is this from?
  10. STADIUM RECORDS HENNNNY. So what if 400M people heard the new Ariana single on the latest Spotify playlist? But we need the streamers to buy the concert ticket.
  11. ??? Sweetener has been mostly shat on since it came out lol.
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