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  1. When did we become the Little Monsters smh
  2. There's a protest planned at 4PM in West Hollywood today? ...
  3. Hella locals have been texting me as well, asking what’s going with Britney. I’ve prepared a canned response for them. 😂
  4. FUCKING THANK YOU! If people are truly concerned and believe the speculation may be founded in truth, why aren't the police, court, authorities being contacted?
  5. I know you know damn well Wendy's gig is to scandalize and sensationalize hot topics lol.
  6. Fake Fan Alert 🚨 but where is this from?
  7. STADIUM RECORDS HENNNNY. So what if 400M people heard the new Ariana single on the latest Spotify playlist? But we need the streamers to buy the concert ticket.
  8. ??? Sweetener has been mostly shat on since it came out lol.
  9. Low key, the drugged out millennials exhausted at the end of day 3 would've gotten their life to a diet POM recital by Britney.
  10. Ariana copy/pasted the Sweetener tour or whatever it's called and brought it to Coachella. That was her biggest let down and the fact that she and her team thought that would be acceptable is a joke. Coachella goers are there for a fun music festival experience, not Ariana stans who know how to sing along to deep cuts from her latest two albums. She should've catered to that by doing her bigger hits. And that's just that choice of a set list. Her other problem was the lack of spectacle/production. That stage, or lack thereof...girl. Like oh everyone look at these Microsoft Office screensaver projections and random ball on this huge festival stage. It was so evident to me when she rolled around on the bare floor for one of the songs. No chaise, even an IKEA couch? Then there were the underwhelming guests and mic issues. At least she sounded great.
  11. Scooter finna have to send out apology Edible Arrangements to all these guests he booked for Ari because mama this is garbage.
  12. Right?? Coachella needs to be a greatest hits type of gig. Messy. POM would’ve slayed here with the doped out millennials tbh.
  13. She’s in the middle of her tour right now. Of course she’s not gonna put together an entirely separate show. But she’s so unexciting on stage. 😞 The NSYNC moment was cute though.
  14. How anticlimactic if all 5 finally reunite and it’s at Ariana’s Grande’s Coachella performance.
  15. It's not in Britney's contract to be PROFESSIONALLY made up, styled, or film video backdrops for her shows. She owes you nothing, fake fan.
  16. Girl they're playing stadiums. They're not gonna show up with a little platform stage and a screen behind them playing random stock screensavers.
  17. Okay I need them to come to the US after all.
  18. It would be SO much fun being their stylist. Picking outfits to complement their Spice persona but edgier and grown...whew the gay jumped out. In that same vein, Geri should go more red in the hair and I'm happy Mel B got the big hair back.
  19. I'm sure Victoria Beckham can still find a way to work out a contract agreeing to do the US shows despite the fact that she has already said she doesn't want to perform again.

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