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  1. Have they further confirmed whether they'll take this show on a tour of the US? I love them but not enough to travel to the UK. 😛
  2. I think VB’s constant SG references are a way of saying that she still loves the girls and wishes she had the heart to join them for a reunion, but girl, that last nail is on that coffin. Let her be.
  3. she really is. i feel so dragged for all my criticism lmao. she is fully 100% aware of what she's not doing. so baffling.
  4. oh a singer is actually singing? about fucking time. .... BIIIIIIITCH! She is doing amazing! This is the treatment she needs to give HER songs. GO BRIT I NEED A FULL VIDEO. I am SHOOKETH. WHERE HAS THIS BRITNEY BEEN? THE FUCK?
  5. I can't stop playing this. It's kinda embarrassing! Even my boyfriend who's a choral singer was like "wow I didn't know she could sing that good!"
  6. Lmao I saw this in your IG story and BOOKED IT to BMK to make sure I wasn't hearing things bbgirl sounds AMAZING. Wish she would grace us with this live voice more often.
  7. APPLIED THEN, STILL APPLIES TODAY (i just saw it since someone bumped this)
  8. mike.......i would've cringed. that pandering is so played out at this point, lol.
  9. remember when she would lip sync that part. lol sis...
  10. I believe that. Karen Kwak is a woke queen.
  12. I just feel like this would kill on US radio.
  13. I think as far as variety in sounds and music genres, the differences were a little more hard in ITZ but this is a close second, I would say.
  14. YES! I didn't like it when we heard that one clip, but the song is a stand out for me right now.
  15. ooooohhhh ahhhh ahhh whoaaa MY BABY GON ME LOVE ME DOWN God this album is amazing. Thank you Britney for delivering
  16. omg SLUMBER PARTY you guys.
  17. Invitation is seriously one of the most flawless album openers I've ever experienced
  18. It's already on shelves in Mexico.

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