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  1. Lol is she legit saying im tired of being britney
  2. I met bradley stern tonight and he was the nicest guy and we briefly talked about this. Fuck this whole free britney movement such a mess
  3. pops favorite escort has chimed in
  4. Well actually she doesn’t have to do anything if she doesn’t want to
  5. Yeah the same guy who rang in the new year eating food off of his ass on twitter. His words have weight!!!!1! Us britney stans are super intelligent.
  6. On god, some of you need your own mental help. Like really fast.
  7. Its so sad that its all come to this lol
  8. Everyone and everything is now..so if it was calculated +1 to britneys team tbh
  9. I honestly at first thought someone put xtinas vocals over a vid like a meme or something. Still shaking
  10. Yass shes the queen of my newsfeed on fb lol ppl used to stan for her demos and Candy From Strangers back in the day when theyd leak in low quality. But you know that was in like 08 when env existed and most of yall were closeted & upbeat/bright. This forum is straight up depressing now a lot of us need to lighten the fuck up or just like...log the fuck out

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