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  1. ALL negative feelings should only be directed at the conservatorship and no one else. Don't blame fans for falling for the lies that they've told us for 13 years. No one is innocent here. We've all supported the Britney machine over the last 13 years by buying Vinyls, Tours, Merch, etc at Britneys expense. Stop trying to stir the pot.
  2. i don't know what to think anymore but im sad
  3. those people are not allowed to be associated with the rest of us
  4. i just don't feel like anyone is teaching britney anything to be more self sufficient to help her be able to eventually break ~free and run her own life, or at least MORE of her life choices.
  5. Ariana is the closest thing to a pop superstar since Taylor. 👀
  6. I just listened to the podcast and like most people I believe there were other factors. I just want her and her family to be happy and healthy. Sucks we’ll prob never know. Also fuck nappytab
  7. After listening to this, I am converting my birthday to this day.
  8. This should have been the first single. Holy fucking shit.
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