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  1. This is starting to feel like the love & sex thread
  2. I actually would've loved if this song replaced Man On the Moon. I feel like MOTM is a cute track but could've also been on any of her first 3 albums. It just sounds kinda young compared to the rest of the tracks on Glory. Mood Ring would also flow nicely into Just Luv Me.
  3. That last 2 notes We get it Demi you can sing. How is she not coming out with any new music before this tour meanwhile Nick has an album coming out? Seems messy.
  4. I kinda love that his teeth aren't super perfect actually
  5. I was afraid that Bieber was gonna go on a rant during his speech about wanting people to leave him alone tbh
  6. lmao the girl's face in the audience clapping after Pink's performance
  7. So proud of her! She looked a bit nervous at the very beginning but that quickly went away as the performance went on. I had no expectations for this performance but she did great
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