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  1. What? People would freak out if she showed up and WATCHED them perform.
  2. I mean if you look at her track record, it would be dumb to write her off after all the other tours/Vegas the last eleven years. Might have stricter contracts, but I don’t think anyone can say she can’t bounce right back. I mean it was only a year after being hospitalized in 2008 that she did TCSBS.
  3. If it were all fake her team could have easily put an end to the speculation before it escalated. Not that we are owed a full explanation, but a denial is the least they could do if it were ALL fake.
  4. Really? Cause I’m pretty sure RFI debuted in the top 5 on bb, and the album went on to sell more than 5 million, with, like someone mentioned, zero promo. I feel some people are so out of touch with her vision/strategy with rep and think she somehow would call the era a failure. When she wants to be back on top, she will.
  5. I’m extremely interested to find this out. The thing is, she has never had them available to stream immediately, so by the time they are up, her die hard fans already purchased the full album. I really hope she puts it up ASAP and let’s her power show. Her fans are WAY more rabid than Ariana’s in my opinion. I think it’s easy to say ts star power is fading BECAUSE she is so private and out of the limelight. Time will soon tell.
  6. Seriously, the fact that I am in fact one of her biggest fans, and THIS WON OVER REPUTATION, is just ... I can’t. But according to the academy, Taylor has been “honored enough”.
  7. I seriously don’t understand how you are not getting this out of PAGES OF discussions. You are calling her bratty of it half stories you listen to, and not based on any kind of truth. She has been through hell and back and come out on top. You are talking shit about her as a person, not as an artist, which is contradicting every argument you make. If you were only trying to express your option, you would have stop replying to this PAGES AGO. Please stop trying to pretend you are the victim of some forum attack lol. Please cc: all of your Ari replies.
  8. Why can't you dislike her and her music without bashing her and undermining her success just because you don't like it? There is a difference in wanting to share your opinion on something/someone you do not like, and trying to ruffle feathers hoping for what I assume is the exact reaction you received. Nobody refers to someone standing up for themselves and someone who has gone through as much insane shit as Ariana has "bratty" and hoped for everyone to ignore or say "oh, what a valued opinion, thanks for sharing."
  9. Everyone one comparing what Britney did to what is happening now ... you do realize social media was not a thing and the idea that she would never have done something like this is meritless. Posting random messages on her website and things like that would be a good indication that if old school Britney had a platform to voice her frustrations without handlers being able to step in, she would have, and we would have been here for it.
  10. No, I don't see how its different at all. This is the same shit when Taylor was breaking records. You hate that someone you dislike is successful and that's fine, but you don't get to ignore facts and then use parts of a situation to your advantage. Ari said NOTHING until she was lied about publicly by the producer. I WOULD LOVEEEEEEE to see your reaction if Rihanna turned down the super bowl behind closed doors because she was taking a stand, and then having a producer on the show say she wasn't going to do it because she did not feel capable. I am SURE Rihanna would send out a message harshe
  11. I mean I’d honestly take it over Alicia Keys. It would be the only reason Britney would every choose to attend so let’s make it happen. Open with chillin wit u 😍.
  12. Lawlz so was it “bratty” when Rihanna turned down the super bowl to support what she believes? Or since that’s politically driven it’s ok, but when it’s standing up for yourself and your artistry it’s “bratty”? This girl has gone through more than any other pop star and more than deserves to control her own damn career and power. Is drake “bratty” so skipping too?
  13. Ok, and you are welcome to that opinion, But your dislike for the song doesn’t have anything to do with it. You said it wouldn’t do her any favors, which is like ... what do you call record breaking career highlights of not a “favor” ? You also can’t just ignore the fact that she didn’t refuse to perform unless it was that song. She gave them options, it was ken who basically said “perform this or nothing at all” this performance would be cool for the fans, but like she clearly wouldn’t get anything extra from it than honor. The Grammys however would greatly benefit from her star power conside
  14. 7 rings, the song that has been number 1 for the last two weeks and has put her in a tie for being 1 of only five people to ever have 2 #1 debuts, and will remain number 1 for a third week, unless her other song takes its spot, will do her no favors? Did you even read the supporting articles? She offered three songs, not this song or nothing. Yes, this thread is about her reaction, but to not think it’s a problem that 5 of the biggest musical acts in the world refuse to even ATTEND even after being nominated is just crazy to me.... but ok.
  15. I mean the fact that Fucking Alicia Keys is hosting this says it all. Maybe they can get Jamie Lynn for 2020 🙌🏼
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