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  1. I hope the Army campaigns this hard when it comes time to stream/buy the album.
  2. You guys hear one podcast and suddenly it's all true? Orson Welles would've fucked y'all up.
  3. I'm honestly here for our current crop of pop stars not sucking the Grammys, Super Bowl, or anyone's dick anymore. Ariana especially has been through enough shit to not need to take it from anyone and the reason her fans feel so close to her is that she's open with her fanbase about things like this. Thanks to the day-and-age, they have their own platforms. Yes, it's still the greatest honor in music but The Grammys pulled like 19 million viewers last year. Ariana has 144 million followers on her Instagram. Who needs who?
  4. I probably wouldn't have it come back as Domination and instead have totally a totally new name and imagery when she re-announces later on.
  5. My fave is a troll. My nickname for her is Poppy.
  6. I've been walking around my house singing Happy Birthday. It is no one's birthday.
  7. This is the Soda Pop/Thinkin' About You singer I fell in love with.
  8. I'VE SAID IT BEFORE, I'LL SAY IT AGAIN. MY FAVE. IS. VOCALIST. Also.. my co-worker said, "Is that Christina Aguilera?" and does not believe me when I say IT'S BRITNEY SPEARS.
  9. Wow. I love the way she says "And I can't hide it no more.." The beat and drop and ugh...her deeper vocals. This is everything. The "mood ring" she sings before the bridge. Hell yes. But is that her doing the ad libs at the end? I can't tell.
  10. I just had my first listen.. and not that there were any doubts about my favorite artist.. but I'm speechless. She delivered on so many levels. There is just an overflow of inspiration here and real timeless pop music to further cement her discography as one of pop music's absolute finest.
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