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  1. Oh lol. 😅 But not even focusing on Sam, this Lou woman is... insane?
  2. How would these emails be in Lou’s favor if they were in cahoots? (Not trying to seem rude; just genuinely curious).
  3. But can we talk about this Lou Taylor woman though...? Wtf.
  4. Oh my God. Those emails seem real. They even had an unreleased picture.
  5. Adam said he didn’t have anything to do with any POM extensions or Domination. I misread it the first time I read it too. Or am I still misreading it? Lol.
  6. Y’all better leave the Grammy award winning album SWEETENER alone. That album is amazing.
  7. What is she saying in Coupure Électrique?
  8. The way she says "If I'm Dancing!!!!!!!" BITCH!
  9. swear I hear Lil Wayne's famous lighter at the end of What You Need.
  10. It's so good to hear a BRITNEY SPEARS album again. I keep getting hints of Britney and ITZ all over this.
  11. "Love Me Down" is so epic!!
  12. SLUMBER PARTY OMG. I love when she cusses!
  13. @Jay Your cover is making the album even better. It fits so perfect.
  14. I think that's what it is. I'm very paranoid.
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