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  1. I feel like Britney's illness is more severe than most of us realized. I think she/her team made sure we really only saw her when she was looking healthy and functioning (although yes we all could see she was not doing as well during certain periods like FF). I think with any mental illness, there's a tendency to believe you are all better and don't need any more treatment/medications when you are feeling fine (which is not the case as we all know). What if this "movement" is confusing to Britney and causes her to question her need for support that is very much needed? That wo
  2. Rihanna literally has an entire "badgalriri" persona. She's been outspoken, pushed against the grain, used shock value, stood up for herself, fought against sexism/racism in so many ways. She had a super sexual photoshoot in one of the most sacred mosques, had her share of twitter beefs, countless interviews that show her badass gives no fucks attitude. I LOVE her for it but I don't get how you can call one artist "bratty" for calling shit out, standing up for herself, and say that Rihanna is so different?
  3. Yeah that's all I meant by that example. That men can act really sexual and it doesn't ever make anyone question their talent or value as an artist. But with women, people suddenly see them as "cheap" and "if they were actually talented, they wouldn't need to use that" etc. And I'm thinking that's why they want to limit Ariana's song/performance choices. And then they give song of the year to Ed sheeran's gross song about a one night stand and how his bed sheets smell like the women he had sex with. And it beat a song about surviving sexual assault (yes I am still bitter).
  4. I get what you are saying to a certain extent, and it's more understandable to give the awards to artists that are more known for their talent than simply popularity, but to alienate the biggest pop star out there by not allowing her to perform (all the while using her face for advertisement) is not a good look. And Ariana is really talented. But whenever a female artist is too sexual, they (Grammys and just our culture in general) lose respect for the artist and think it "takes away from their talent." But I don't see these restrictions for male artists. Adam Levine ripped hi
  5. Is this the same douche bag that told women they needed to "step up their game" last year?
  6. Can you imagine how good it must feel to open your mouth and really sing live so that everyone can hear you, after basically being completely silent and lipping all your songs? Like I would think that would feel really good, like your voice deserves to be heard!
  7. This is her best album since Blackout. Actually I like it more than Blackout.
  8. It's insane what she's capable of, what she's BEEN capable of and is finally unleashing it.
  9. Her vocals on What You Need...HOLY SHIT
  10. I haven't felt this way listening to an album in so long.
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