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  1. Well... who finna read all these & give us a summery? Lol
  2. Ya I wa just gonna say.. who the fuck allowed her to get plastic surgery done?! Cause we need to talk...
  3. It’s only 11am & I’ve already seen this been brought up on my tv multiple times. The free Britney movement is strong & we all gonna look like fools if this ends up being false lol
  4. She did & it cut to fucking trumps speech as SOON as she started. Sksfhnifssjkii ughhhh
  5. It’s okay guys, Kim K is working on becoming a lawyer & she will be the one to get Britney out of this mess πŸ™
  6. Not Eve wearing a Free Britney shirt, how’d she even get one so fast!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. The fact that she’s deleting & blocking people is very telling
  8. Well damn, if true this honestly explains a lot
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