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  1. That video made me sad. Mel B seems genuinely upset about it 😞
  2. Yeah they’re better off without her tbh and she’s better off without them too. I’ve watched their tour videos on YT and she didn’t even come to mind. 😂 . It’s like wanting that Friends reunion to happen so badly...it’s just not going to happen.
  3. I've got goosebumps and am emotional looking at these pics, and I'm only a casual fan. The fans must be LIVING.
  4. Thanks for reminding me that Holler exists. Such a JAM.
  5. I would but I’m currently planning the military coup against the Spears family! Sorry maybe next time?
  6. Shouldn't you be busying yourself with organizing the protest outside Britney's church in Kentwood? Damn you! Insubordination! Why don't you take that seat and edge it all the way over to the mental health facility and use it to break in? WHY ARE YOU WASTING TIME?!!!!
  7. It’ll make more sense if you’re on your knees! Just kidding let us know what he says boo!
  8. Doesn’t the summary show she’s tried to end it several times?
  9. Tell us more about how she’s happy with the conservatorship!
  10. WHAT AM I MISSING? That IS the question!
  11. Honestly wtf 😂 just because we are questioning the way things appear, doesn’t mean we are sending WhatsApp messages to Britney’s friends and family asking them for clarification! It’s some crazed, idiotic fans and I truly don’t think anyone here would do that, or that the more vocal of us have been involved in the crazies taking it way too far, I think we can agree on that!
  12. The footage of her writing the letter just leaked!!!!
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