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  1. With special guest appearances by get back and Mark. The Rehashed Bratty edition.
  2. I will be the first to admit I was pressed as fuck when Gaga first came out and actually most of the people here did the same,..after that though I just..grew up 😂
  3. It’s really difficult for you to accept a female pop star being Number 1 who isn’t Britney, isn’t it?
  4. I totally agree. All singers have vocal coaches- she should totally work on this more and kill it with the vocals even more ?
  5. ....maybe the fact that she's a ...singer?
  6. This woman remains the most fascinating pop star of her time. For reasons like this ? ?
  7. Oh my god. It's like she's someone else ?????? incredible.
  8. This is honestly why we are the best fans around.
  9. Has she ever sung live with the nasally voice though, like is it even possible?
  10. She sounds exactly like she did when she started out- this is making me so happy (birthday) and frustrated at the same time...WHY go nasally when she sounds like this?
  11. Adele is SHOOK. holy fuck at Britney sounding more soulful singing Happy Birthday than she has on her last 5 albums. She sounds fucking amazing and I honestly wasn't expecting her to sound like that
  12. Kaz


    I listened to this after a week and it is just so beautiful. Such a moment.
  13. Kaz


    There's definitely a je ne sais quoi going on right now
  14. Kaz


    This is FIRE damn. The vocals are stunning. Beautiful!!