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  1. Ariana's not really a legacy act to demand to perform any song she wants. Her performance wouldn't be great either way even if she had 5 months to prepare. Don't come @ me though.
  2. Wish her the best! This was a great decision to be there for her family first. .
  3. That speech and then a full song live. She just proved she knows exactly what's up.
  4. Done dead and buried... It was nice knowing you guys. Queen of live singing, Queen of vocals in a live setting ,
  5. Oooh Love Me Down is a banger! .
  6. Listening to the album now. Her vocals are amazing. I like Slumber Party. Just Luv Me. Invitation is nice. I can see why it's titled Glory. It's very Poppy. Omg that music that makes go fucking crazy. Yes Explicitney !!! Still listening though...
  7. But the media was so against Britney back then though. People wrote her off as a crazy / didn't take her music seriously at all.
  8. Gimme More went to #1 pretty fast too.
  9. YES just checked my itunes its #1.
  10. "They wan't More? Well I'll give em more"
  11. Omg i feel the same. i thought i would grow out of liking her in High School - NO To the no. Still slayed by her.
  12. I've only seen the performance at the vma's where something went wrong and he cried lol I want to see the new billboard because Sorry has been such a quilty pleasure song this year. but I won't play the song around my friends or anything.
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