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  1. Idk just going off the summary but then again that summary could be BS.
  2. Or how she’s deemed mentally unstable after two physiatrists agreed she was stable.
  3. Britney has been heavily alluding she wants out of the industry or at least wants to take things at her own much slower pace for the last sixteen years. If it were up to her I truly doubt she’d be back doing anything Britney Spears~* related for a long time, if ever
  4. Exactly. There’s always a gray area but all people want to do is dump in you a category. That’s pretty sad. All in all I’m happy with the decision I made about ten years ago to not feed the Britney machine until I felt britney the person was truly happy and comfortable.
  5. The part thats weird to me is like how she speaks of Sam in a good and friendly way. Like how she wanted him to stay over or whatever? I don't know. Maybe she did like him?
  6. Those emails don't sound like Britney, it sounds like Sam making pretend to be Britney. Sam is a rat, any fan entertaining him is a fucking moron. edit: the "go to the light and see jesus" connection
  7. It hasn’t been fixed nobody listened to her and I think that’s the issue everyone is overlooking. She has had no time to heal and overcome the trauma the media caused her. It seems incredibly insensitive to have tossed her back into the forefront of pop culture the same year as her 5150 when it seems that’s what she wanted to escape from to begin with. Larry and co just wanted to strike while the iron was hot, squeeze the most out of the comeback while people were most interested. They were the ring leaders behind circus, Britney was the entertainment. and right after femme fatale and we know how onboard she was for that. Give me a fucking break.
  8. Last album I purchased by her was femme fatale, last time I went to go see her was circus... this was part of the reason.
  9. What some moron says for attention doesn’t mean anything has gone too far. I see this movement as a positive overall. If there is the slightest chance that Britney feels like she has no voice, feels like she’s being taken advantage of and is not happy, something like this is necessary in order to at least open up that conversation to hopefully change things for her. I have felt for way too long that Britneys well-being is not a priority to those closest to her. Again, a routine is great, but there are plenty of routines they could have developed that weren’t generating millions for her team. I don’t see how anyone can’t question whether or not Britney’s health is a priority over money knowing that she put out an album shortly followed by a full press run and tour the same year she was placed on a 5150.
  10. yeah, thats fucking nuts. I don't understand people that think it's okay to reach out to her family and friends.
  11. It is what it is they will make sure to remind everyone about how crazy Britney is and how putting out music and performing along with a mix of medications is what’s best for her. im sure nothing will come from this and everything will remain the same.
  12. This is exactly how I feel and have felt. Imagine being a young adult and the media dissecting your every move, insulting you, slut-shaming and body-shaming you, hoards of paparazzi following you 24/7. No one stops to think about this and just slap “mental health issues” on Britney as if they didn’t witness the media traumatize her day in day out from 1998-2007. There are ways to mend the trauma Britney experienced. I am sure that immediately being hurled back into the limelight and put to work was not the right way to go about things if they truly cared for her well being.
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