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  1. I've always thought the same but with Rihanna 😆
  2. We are witnessing the renaissance of Spears DAMN. In true Britney fan-style I thought she was lipping when I was a video from far away but DAMN GIRL! Her voice doesn't tremble or crack ONCE, either. She sounds SO good. This. Is. EVERYTHING.
  3. Yeah, I've only got the initial rip. If anyone wants to hook a kid up with the HQ via PM, it'd be greatly appreciated
  4. Seriously, the few songs that didn't immediately click with me on the first listen suddenly come on and I can't help but find a reason to love it.
  5. I plugged in my studio quality headphones in for the entire first listen. FUCK YES. SO rich.
  6. Of course it'd be out in the immediate radius of the gay village I checked Parque Delta, Pabellon Polanco and Plaza Satelite. I'll def. make my way down tomorrow!
  7. I have NO idea wtf is up with Mixup. They had a bunch of fucking DATED albums in the 'new releases' section. I legit found 'Lotus' hanging out there (and immediately looked behind it to see if some sneaky Christina fan was trynna hide 'Glory' behind it ) but I came upon the same situation in ALL.THREE.Mixups. 'Britney Jean' was there, too, along with Adele's 19 I hate people so I didn't wanna ask anyone that worked there
  8. THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO LISTEN TO A BRITNEY ALBUM FOR THE FIRST TIME. OMG. What a DAY! I randomly sign on to @Jay tagging me in the thread about it being released in Mexico (4 hours after the fact). It was the last day I was gonna spend with my bf who I hadn’t seen in 7 years so it wasn’t like I was bouncing that quick. I fucking Uber-hopped my way to THREE fucking Mixups in search of the album only to be greeted by BRITNEY JEAN’s ugly fucking mug. I think they may have pulled them from the shelves? The album is so fuckin immediate. Im in LOVE. Almost everything we hadn’t heard shadows what he already have. Its so quintessentially Britney but on such a new level. After one solid listen its so fuckin hard to pinpoint my favourites. There are so many moments French, Spanish, English- INTERNATIONAL QUEEN! What a ROLLERCOASTER of an album! I can’t wait to ride it again. I have ALL THE FEELS. THIS is what being a Britney fan is and was ALL about
  9. I ain’t even kidding Look… NSFW Password: somethingsense8tional You can’t tell me that first chorus and the end of G-Eazy’s rap don’t kick in at JUST the right times And mind you, I didn’t edit a damn thing, I just replaced the audio track!
  10. So Im convinced this needs to be used in a sex scene montage on tv (the HTGAWM Jai Wolf scene comes to mind) but seeing how the lengths matched up, I put this on mute and let MM play over it... it was pure bliss They sync up really well...right down to the climax NSFW
  11. She is our spirit animal/ time travel speed is real, Kevin!!!
  12. Literally just got home from work (its currently 5:11am, and I'd been there since 9:30 am) and this was literally the fuel that kept me up and going the last few hours. FUCK. Its so good every which way you hear it. The lyrics, the vocals, the melodies, that fucking INSTRUMENTAL. Its all the right pieces in all the right places. I love that she's remembered that she's Britney motherfuckin Spears. It deserves ALL OF THE PRAISE. Its so weirdly visual for me, as pretentious as that may sound (or perhaps Im just fuckin' wired). I can't even pinpoint a favourite part yet...every fucking second SHINES. THIS IS MAKING ME ASSAULT THE SHIT OUT OF MY CAPS LOCK YOU GUYS!
  13. In this pic she looks EXACTLY like she did on that one TV show when she was promoting ITZ in Japan in 2003. Its un-fuckin-REAL
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