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  1. And sorry but did they ever confirm that the guy calling is reliable and not just a fan? ' Love they're podcast but they never confirm their sources
  2. The only thing that make me believe that Britney doesn't want out is that's it's gonna effect her deal with Kevin about the kids. If we rule that out then I am pretty sure she wants out!
  3. This is stupid. It's obviously Britney's
  4. Flawless track. Listen to it everyday
  5. Still in love with this SONG. Need to order the Japanese cd!
  6. The "touch of my hands" ad lips at the end is everything ?
  7. "I think I've been here before, I've turned some hearts into stones" omg!!! This is heaven ???
  8. Do we have the credits s?
  9. Can someone pm me the link? Cant wait anymore!
  10. Awesome reading the comments! Can't wait to listen to it!
  11. Apperently she got a standing ovation before her performance
  12. I don't see a reason why not to believe that Robin person. I mean why would he lie? ? I still believe him. On the other hand that E fan from here who said the song will be out in 2 weeks. Uhm why is no on talking about him? "The date could change" excuse is so lame to be honest and I never believed him.

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