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  1. I still can't get over the fact, that she just took a mic, sang her lungs out, gave us the best roars and belts in years, and felt so comfortable on stage while doing so. The praise and acclaim. SO RANDOM. I feel B10 will have more country influences. More soul. More Rnb. And I'm totally here for it!
  2. I love how she drags the media.......she´s fully aware of her critics Take that MOTHERFUCKAS
  3. "I just wanna make sure I keep giving you motherfuckers something to talk about......" YES Britney, SPEAK UP!
  4. and can we please POINT OUT that she´s finally HOLDING A HANDHELD MICROPHONE?
  5. She´s ready for her "Joanne" era.....IMAGINE. Taylor Swift in reverse Wouldn´t it be funny though....:D the new country star? I imagine her being successful in this genre She would win the GP back for sure
  6. and she sounds so good We need the full version RIGHT NOW She´s so random I love her
  7. YOu guys. slkfjdsölkfjlskjfklsjflkjdgkla I AM SPEECHLESS
  8. She can still release it....would be an amazing 2nd or 3rd single....She could even close the era with Mood Ring I adore the lyrics...they´re so great! Especially this part And now I'm falling for you I turn to golden from blue And you do too, ah Mood Ring reminds me so much of TOMH/BOM/ATWK.....my favourite songs ever from Britney...and this song right here easily joins my list of ultimate faves Britney + moody/vibey songs with a heavy beat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. If you find any hot remixes for this one....just post them here please...
  10. I just can´t get enough of this song...I need to hear it on the radio...This song is fire....the beat is so infectious.....you just get lost in it....I love these kinds of songs....
  11. Mood Ring after Invitation is The beat is so fucking insane. I can´t believe it.
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