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  1. The guy who posted the documents added this (on Exhale)
  2. https://www.courtlistener.com/opinion/2651458/conservatorship-of-spears-ca22/ https://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/california/cacdce/2:2008cv01021/408362/1
  3. Britney’s court documents about the conservatorship are leaking
  4. I’m still surprised her team hasn’t done anything against those podcast girls yet.
  5. He went fishing with Jamie Lynn yesterday
  6. Well, I’m not that sure. Even if it’s bad press, people talk about her so they’re probably good with it. Watch them make her do a comeback again.
  7. If this is all fake, Britney will probably be sad and embarrassed by her fans.
  8. I still don’t know what to think but going through her Instagram feels different now.
  9. While I agree with you, there’s no need to insult him.
  10. Do we think Britney’s the one who picks the memes posted on her Instagram ? I mean, this post (IF all of the story is true) would mean a lot :
  11. Some people are rude in this thread. Everyone’s free to think whatever they want. Anyways, I’m still mixed about all of this. We’ll never know the truth imo.
  12. I'm dead. We stan for the most flawless queen
  13. Oh thanks. So it was in the middle of the show so she can totally nail at least a few songs live.
  14. Does anyone know what part of the show it was ?
  15. I've watched this more than the Make Me video.

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