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  1. This was a joy to read again. Particularly page 25 onward.
  2. @Sergio is right behind her in the video! He must be bouncing off the walls!!!
  3. She’s an English country house wife now!
  4. Urgh they’re SO special! I’m definitely jamming to them in my pjs tonight 😂
  5. I was section 120 😂 also I hope Sporty wears a Liverpool shirt!
  6. I had tickets for the Wembley show on June 14th but then my mate couldn't go so I agreed to try sell them both 😞
  7. I saw their last reunion show. Amazing seats and all 5 together! I've already booked my flights to land the day after the show now anyways. Still have my European BMK gathering that weekend to look forward too!
  8. Kinda wish I wasn’t selling my tickets now! But I don’t want to go alone 😬 Hope you have amazing times at your shows 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
  9. This is actually disgusting. I hope Britney doesn’t see this. We have NO idea what her thoughts or feelings are. Her kids are also old enough to look online/social media and see this.
  10. The speculation is just as toxic (no pun intended). Let Britney live her life, her truth will come out if she wants to share it.
  11. I thought she was allowed to drive? If she’s been somewhere against her will then why was she at a hair dressers last week? I don't have time to listen to this until later.
  12. Watching this whilst doing my Law assignment - so ready for the European BMK reunion @Sergio @Benjamin @Kenny
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