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  1. Every time I listen to Invitation I try to imagine Nicki Minaj singing it like that Cleveland.com arsehole said, cracks me up . What a tool
  2. Could someone PM me the M4a? Heres my proof of pre-order
  3. I'm tempted to delete the album until Friday but I just don't think I can. It's just too good to not listen to.
  4. I tried to listen to Pretty Girls after this, almost made me laugh out loud.
  5. I agree, last night was the first time I was here for when the album actually leaked and it was hella fun. I usually turn up a few hours after it leaks and miss out on all the fun.
  6. Omg it sounds so much better if you listen to it imagining it as a Cry Me a River response track!!
  7. I think this beats Blackout purely for the fact that she didn't just turn up and sing the songs. This is HER input and HER album.
  8. Can we agree this is her best album tho??
  9. How did we go from Chillin With You to THIS??
  10. The bridge of Hard to Forget Ya is just flaw free
  11. The hype tracks were really the weakest of the bunch IMO
  12. Omg could you imagine if that shit was on this gem. I shudder
  13. Better is everything I have ever wanted
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