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  1. I'm not sure how much I trust Medium, but there's this https://medium.com/@BrianneAmira/britneys-gram-reported-to-fbi-u-s-dept-of-health-and-more-7d3fcf495b27
  2. If the stuff from before is still happening then she either uses her "allowance" or she has someone else pay for stuff on her behalf.
  3. Conspiracy theorists are not deterred by facts, much less planned statements. People would have def not back off.
  4. If it was contained to fan forums, sure. But people tweeting shit like "Blood is on your hands" to people who've worked with/for her and starting a literal worldwide trend of #FREEBRITNEY is more than just bored fans discussing Britney things. This is now on other outlets and her mental health being freely discussed cause bored fans wanted something to talk about.
  5. I think discussing someone's mental health and choices without proper evidence is also kinda rude, but here we are 15 pages into the conversation. Guess "rude" is subjective. You're free to think what you think, but starting a #FREEBRITNEY campaign is frankly embarrassing.
  6. You're free to think whatever you want, but once you put it out there you have to deal with criticism that comes your way.
  7. She also said for the people who thought she didn't say enough, that she'd write a book someday. But apparently we can write it for her.
  8. Imagine saying this to someone with literally ZERO facts to back it up. I would have blocked and called the cops.
  9. I sat close to Jessica Alba on a plane once, texted all my friends about it, but took no pix. But enjoy "freeing" Britney.
  10. Jesus fucking Christ, seriously? Is this really your argument? What the fuck is happening to humanity?
  11. This is getting so messy. If Britney doesn't want this public it is super gross what everyone is doing.
  12. YOU GUYS!!!! WTF just happened?! SHE JUST DID THAT!!!!! Bring it BRITNEY!
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