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  1. I had a dream they announced a USA and Canada date for this tour
  2. I read that mel c is doing a tour right after this UK dates so if they do an north American tour. It would be after that or next year
  3. Gonna keep adding here of setlist spoilers Spice up your life Something kinda funny
  4. Fans are hearing them sing holler, do it and the army song that they do for spice world the movie
  5. Yeah that makes sense. I noticed she had the iPhone in her hand in the papprazzi photos that were released yesterday
  6. If she is denied to make phone calls and recieve.....why does she have an iPhone?
  7. I want to read this but it feels invasive.
  8. Can someone here read through this and do a breakdown
  9. If Britney get free of conservatorship....I feel like he will try to lure himself to her life again. My biggest fear
  10. They probably are in contact with him

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