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  1. Definitely one of the best off Glory
  2. I can't with this song anymore. Why so perfect? I can't listen to anything else.
  3. This song is all I want from Britney, had it on repeat all day and just can't get enough. Glory is a blessing that just keeps on giving.
  4. The song is literally flawless, I can't
  5. Album keeps getting better with every listen, I even love Clumsy and Private Show now. Flawless album is flawless
  6. I had no idea, I am excited now
  7. Lol, they would have already announced the Target version by now.
  8. The chorus in Slumber Party is pure perfection
  9. OMG, I love you so much
  10. Why don't others share? @Roberto Please!
  11. PM me the download link please!
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