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  1. Hi I'm blind and need guidance to the Zippyshare store with the iTunes quality Mood Rings
  2. omg that's so accurate Mariah & Miguel - Beautiful 2.0 I c u
  3. What rapper could you see on this track? I'm thinking Rick Ross or Ty Dolla $ign
  4. @Roberto I'd fucks with that video
  5. This is so good! I LOVE this direction. DJ Mustard & Karen for Executive Producers for B10
  6. Probably my favourite album of hers BY FAR. Not even exaggerating this EXACTLY what I wanted from her. It's PERFECT.
  7. This is exactly what I wanted from miss Britney Spears. Bravo. This will be a very successful single, I can tell. I hope she performs it with G-Eazy someday.
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