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  1. Let’s talk about this epic 1997 performance the looks, attitude...etc,etc,etc
  2. I guess Victoria is hurt that they went on with the tour without her? She probably wanted them to drop the idea after she refused it and so she felt like she’s no longer needed so she moved on
  3. They will perform a mash up of break up with your girlfriend I assume 🙌
  4. She’s an Aries and I know how I regret things afterwards, specially I believe she wanted them to fight more over her because we like attention 🤣
  5. Yeah she’s lurking around hope she’s regretting it.
  6. Fuck I wish they were 5, they should use a cardboard of V at least
  7. Those runs are borrowed from Aguilera!
  8. She just went Aguilera on us!!! SHOOOOOOOK
  9. Not just a true artist but she's a true artist with a pink hat!
  10. Yes and she would have a ring shaped bottle with colors, get on it Brit!!
  11. Omg he acknowledged, he probably is getting spammed with lyrics from the song.
  12. I need to see Jesus on 5th avenue.
  13. LMAO that one promo shot is like a nightmare, everything you open it pops up
  14. I'm very honest with my stars rating, I wouldn't rate a song 5 stars unless I'm literally going insane about it.

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