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  1. I'm creasing at this whole thread, I made all my friends listen and now just realising how funny this sounds to them
  2. 3 more hours! I've heard clips of a few songs but most will be completely new!
  3. I have actually saved myself until tomorrow, as I've had no means of downloading without my MacBook. Counting down the hours now!
  4. Please can I get a link. I haven't heard anything except a clip on MOTM
  5. Please can someone send me a mobile friendly link?
  6. Is there any way I can listen on my phone? PM please
  7. Man on the Moon - Britney channelling Imogen Heap
  8. I see it at 10 on iTunes uk (Katy is 9)
  9. Shawn Mendez is looking slightly awkward chatting about girls, I don't know if he is gay but it's so annoying people always assuming guys are straight
  10. Literally got butterflies when she popped out of that car
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