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  1. It's kinda different though. Even though she supports it, she might not want to see it because it's too weird? who knows
  2. They really are. They only had 3 albums, no new music and are playing stadiums. That's amazing for a 90's pop act.
  3. Mel B saying Australia in Feb but she laughs after it, so who knows
  4. https://pagesix.com/2018/08/20/jennifer-lopez-wasnt-the-first-to-wear-that-iconic-versace-dress/ Adele Girls singing Adele
  5. Mel B is in the Spice Circle watching Jess Glynne lol
  6. They really are dumb, aren't they? 3 shows at Wembley and they couldn't be bothered.
  7. Btw the dancers are all saying Wembley is the last shows. Such a shame they didn't take it outside the UK/Ireland.
  8. I don't know why ya'll acting like Victoria even smiles, she hates it so she always has a bitch face. 😂 I still think she will get up on stage at Wembley and do Wannabe with them. It would be a good PR move for her and it's not like she has any solo lines and she knows the moves already so it will be a win for her and them.
  9. Yup opening on basically killed the mood for those behind them. It was great though. Did something happen at the start? All the dancers came out, was great, it looked like they were ready to start in their posing position and then they just started running around again? I felt like there was a small delay so they had to keep going.
  10. They only really did the singles on the last tour with solos, so we are getting a lot of fan favs this time.
  11. They are doing Do It, Never Give Up On The Good Times, Love Thing 😱 It looks like they will most of the first 2 albums and the singles from Forever.
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